Alas del Viento Orchestra (The Wind Wings), the first infant- child orchestra in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, was born in the year 2005 because of the  initiative of the music teacher Emilce Jacobchuk Balacco, who from its very beginnings, got the support of her own family and her friend and current President of the Alas del Viento Association, Mr. Emilio Dante Navarro.

The first group was made up of 10 students from the cities of Alvear Oeste and Gral Alvear. It started to grow up little by little with the registration of new locals and musicians from the rest of the province.

By the year 2007, the school moved to the small rural town of San Pedro del Atuel, 20 km. away from the city, so that the children from that area could also have the chance of being part of it all. As a result of this, a new group of 40 musicians was formed with the children from both areas.

The main goal was and still is, to focus on the social aspect and spiritual growth of the children and to help their families in instilling them values in education to make them aware of the importance of finalizing their primary as well as their secondary schooling. Music, in many cases, has been the inspiration to complete their studies. Thanks to that impulse, there are several musicians from the Wind Wings Orchestra who are currently in college trying to get a degree in music. They are preparing themselves to help out with the same Project that gave them the opportunity of discovering music and be part of a study group.

In the year 2008, thanks to the initiative of the Culture Secretary teacher Ricardo Scollo, Mr. Walter Pérez and Liliana Bermúdez, the Program for Infant-Child Orchestras was presented at Independencia Theatre in the capital city of Mendoza. That event opened many doors so that people could get to know the orchestra. The work was hard and silent but we got great joy by taking part in different places and events such as:

  • Americanto in 2008
  • Interprovincial Orchestra Encounters
  • Performances at Independencia Theatre
  • The Blessing of the Fruits “National Vintage Festival in 2011.
  • Performances at La Champañera Winery and the Congress and Exhibition Centre in San Rafael City in 2013
  • The best gift was performing along with the Philarmonic Orchestra of Mendoza in the Cerro de la Gloria concert with 500 children from all over the province in 2011.


In 2012 CAE CP-318, that is the School of Vocational Music, opened its doors in the city of General Alvear so that 120 children, teens and youth from all over Mendoza who are part of the Project, could take lessons in musical instruments and tutoring.



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